Past School Year!!!

In grade 5 I had lots of fun such  as cross country running, doing government project, track and field, put luck, pizza lunch, Halloween, EOEC  trip, and lot more……

I had great teachers too. well for soccer team I had lots of fun. when MR.LEE said if I want to join soccer club? I said to myself if I’m good at soccer? but I love soccer-I love soccer a lot  so i chose to be in the soccer team, i was so happy that I chose to be in the team.Then a week after that  my dad and I went buy soccer shoes and the thing that I want to play!. The day after that we went to our first soccer tournament and we WON the first game and  a week after that we went to Sammy finals. we WON the Sammy final game too. So they told us that we can play the final game which is the last game.How ever will get second place of finals because there was only two team that had the best place one of them was McKee’s team.Unfortunately  we did’t won the last game but at least we’ve got the second place.For Halloween it was great because we had lots of fun,we played,we also went to the place where there was no lights.There was only zombies,ghost,and so on.How ever it was great!.What I really like from school is that when you have test.Because being serous is feel awesome if you practiced.I like practicing luck down too,because every body should be quiet and being quiet is really because it makes/more concentrate.Another thing that I liked from grade 5 was our trip which is EOEC  because being in EOEC is really good/awesome/amazing because you get to be with your friends play,talk,going out for a cool/fun activities. I’ve had lots of fun and such a awesome/amazing time. Thank you all the teachers.For government project I was running to being minister of health.It was really good  because as you know I love being serous which I was for government project presentation which I made an animation that was saying vote for Armita as  minister of health.and I also bought some fresh fruit, and lastly i made a t-shirt where it was saying vote for Armita as minister of health.You might ask me why I did these thing for this little project?Yes you- you will ask that question!.Well because

Movie:Get hard

This movie was about the person who is defrauder. So one day police came and told him that he has to go to the jail and  they went to police station and they told hem that he only had 30 days to go to the jail so he went home and cried and think what to do to feel homelike in the jail . So he thought that how to learn defend so one of his workers acted like he knows how to teach defend. so he told him to come  and teach him how to defend .so his worker came at the morning and   his worker told him  that his so cowardly and he should practice hardly . So one day they went to the park and his worker (his teacher) told him to go and fight with some strong men and he went  but it was seems like he was scared finally he went there and he said the bad words and he ran away and the strong men followed  him .They fought a lot .  eventually he could defend and his ready to go to the jail but the police found that he  was not really  deceiving other people whoever his father in law was cheating him in that time.





In norooz we have 7 dishes that start with sinn wich is samanoo – senjed-seer-sabze-sombol-somagh-we put some extra things too like candles-fish and the basket of painted eegs.

this year was 1394

How does canada work

Canada is a democracy , wich means that canadians govern themselves,run their own country but millions of canadians cant vote every time a decision most be made.

So they choose poeple to representthem . Canada s parliament is in ottawa , and thats where these representative make decisions about running the country . that is why they are called members of pavliament (MPS)